8th Annual Sculpture on Ford Road

in Canton  (Michigan) which is an upscale rapidly developing western suburb of Detroit that is focused on involving the arts into the everyday life of its citizens. This year-long exhibition is sponsored by the Canton Downtown Development Authority with assistance from the Canton Public Art Committee. The exhibition will be comprised of ten sculptures along a three-mile stretch of Ford Road. Currently, 42,000 vehicles a day travel this site. This community wide exhibit exposes the artwork to the residents and the hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to Canton, Michigan

Pyramid Gong
Beau Bilenki


Big Blue X
Brian Ferriby


Vincent's Passion
Doug Gruizenga


Morning Glory
James Gallucci


James Havens


Ray Katz 


American Rustic
Todd Kime 

James Olsen


Dance of Bliss
Mike Sohikian

El Fishbird
Kenneth M. Thompson

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