9th Annual Ottawa Hills Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit The Village of Ottawa Hills (Ohio) is a unique residential community that embodies the essence of a family-oriented lifestyle.  It’s a place with both traditional and contemporary homes that exude character and charm in a beautiful natural setting. Established in 1915, the Village of Ottawa Hills features tree-lined streets, a meandering creek, abundant wildlife and lush greenery, creating a sense of serenity unmatched in the area. At the same time, it is just a few minutes away from the University of Toledo, shopping centers and essential services. Certainly the natural beauty of the area is a major draw for both visitors and residents, but it is the strength of the community that is perhaps its most important asset.

Cochlea Bench

Jim Gallucci



Todd Kime



Steel Horse

Trevor Korns



Contemporary Sebastian

Shawn Morin



John Parker



Mike Sohikian


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