How to Exhibit with Us

The Midwest Sculpture Initiative is always seeking new sculptors to add to our mailing lists and we are always accepting portfolios for future exhibitions.

WHAT TO SUBMIT (as many pieces as you want!)

  • Work durable enough to withstanding the harsh Michigan/Ohio winters and suitable for public viewing ;
  • completed entry form;
  • j-peg digital images on a CD including: 1 or 2 views of each work, filenames must include: corresponding number to the image list, artist's last name, title, (03_Rodin_Thinker). Images must be at least 72 dpi and no more than 1200 pixels in any direction;
  • image list including image number, artist name, title, material(s), dimensions in feet, weight, retail price; (40% commission charged on sales) and installation requirements;
  • current professional resume;
  • one paragraph artist statement (unless you're Irish and/or an English major);
  • resume, statement, and image list must be in a hardcopy format.

Submission tip: Do not be afraid to re-submit pieces that may not have been accepted in previous years or that have been in previous MSI exhibits (example: just because it was in Canton last year doesn't mean it can't go to Toledo this year! Also, jurors are fickle.)

Note: We can relocate your work from show to show, for a fee of course.  Call  for more information.

*Still using slides? Give us a call!


Ken Thompson

Midwest Sculpture Initiative

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Blissfield, MI  49228

Questions: 517-486-4591 or email:

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