An Exhibition of Art at the
Toledo Botanical Garden

This exhibition was created to celebrate the opening of the new Bancroft entrance to Toledo Botanical Garden. The Garden is unique because, in addition to beautiful gardens, 19 art and horticultural organizations have a home at the Garden.

Admission the Garden is free (except for special events), and it is open every day from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. More information and directions can be found on

a collection of sculpture at the university of toledo

Resident organizations of the Botanical Garden include:

  • Anthony Wayne Garden Club
  • Athena Art Society
  • Black Swamp Hosta & Daylily Society
  • Garden Club Forum of Toledo
  • Glass City Miniatures Guild
  • Maumee Valley Herb Society
  • Needle Arts Guild of Toledo
  • Photo Arts Club of Toledo
  • Spectrum Friends of Fine Art
  • Toledo Area Gem & Rockhounds
  • Toledo Area Weavers Guild
  • Toledo Artists’ Club
  • Toledo Camera Club
  • Toledo Dahlia Society
  • Toledo Potters’ Guild
  • Toledo Rose Society
  • Toledo Glass Guild
  • Toledo Stained Glass Guild
  • Western Erie Sierra Club

A graduate of the University of Toledo, Mr. Arbogast holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2005, he started a partnership at Studio 360 , a design and fabrication studio in downtown Toledo. At Studio 360 he concentrates primarily on hand crafted architectural detaining in metal and independently creates sculpture for private buyers and regional exhibitions. Mr. Arbogast states, "In my work, I've always chosen to create conceptually, developing a form to compliment a given idea. The subject matter varies, but is always born out of struggle." More about Studio 360 can be found at 

Jason Arbogast
Toledo, Ohio
steel, bronze


Michael Barker's varied art interests have focused on ceramics, production of clay and glazes, firing of bisque/ gas high fire kilns, ice sculpture and creating stone and steel sculpture. His most recent sculptures are titled Steel Series. Steel Series #2 was chosen by Ikea to be exhibited in front of their store for MSI's Canton, Michigan exhibition. Mr. Baker creates art that "must have a flow where it pulls you around the piece in every direction. I am playing the smooth surface against the negative space in my current Steel Series." Michael Barker has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Adrian College. More information can be found at

Michael Barker
Blissfield, Michigan
"Steel Series #5"



Kenneth Thompson holds both a Master of Liberal Studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts. The monumental arch shape has been one of his major compositional themes and is prominent in dozens of his public sculpture commissioned for this region and throughout the U.S. Mr. Thompson states," The Standing Arch 2A is continuation in the series of works based on the volume of a line in which I attempt to treat the negative form with equal importance as the positive form . " In addition to making large scale sculpture, he enjoys doing smaller scale work for gallery exhibitions. He has thirteen one person shows and numerous group exhibitions and awards to his credit . Mr. Thompson is the owner of Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Galleries in Blissfield, Michigan. More can be found at  

Kenneth Thompson
Blissfield, Michigan
"Standing Arch 2A"
fabricated aluminum
20" x 3'0 x 0'10


Mr. Patterson has been creating and exhibiting artworks for the past 7 years. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Toledo. Joining with three partners at Studio 360 has expanded Mr. Patterson's resources and enables him to take on larger commissions in the field of public sculpture. He is currently finding his inspiration in aged steel and the fabrication processes used to manipulate the material. In his steel works he is looking not for imitation but for a reminder of something basic; perhaps something referencing our first memories of interaction with form and creation. More about Studio 360 can be found at  

J. Doug Patterson
Toledo, Ohio
93" x 38" x 18"



An active sculptress, Cynthia McKean uses her degrees in biology and architecture to show the interaction of the natural and sculptural environment. "Untitled" is created of magenta painted structural steel. Ms. McKean finds working with industrial materials the best media for her art and creates site specific works in her Saugatuck, Michigan studio. She states, "Steel is a marvelous medium. Strong and pliable, it speaks to me. If I work it, respect it, and treat it gently, it will reward me by telling my story to others as well." More about Ms. McKean can be found at  

Cynthia McKean
Saugatuck, MI
structural steel
10' x 5'x 3'


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