Sculpture in the Park

The Ottawa Hills Foundation presents "Sculpture in the Park", an exhibition of six sculptures sited in the park bounded by W. Bancroft, Secor and Indian Roads. Located by the University of Toledo and in the Village of Ottawa Hills, Ohio, the sculptures create a distinctive entrance to the Village.

Curator and Midwest Sculpture Initiative committee member Peggy Grant has selected the following Midwest artists: David Deming; David Eichenberg; James Havens; Cynthia McKean; Mike Sohikian; and Ken Thompson to be placed in this beautiful setting. The sculptures can be viewed from June 1, 2004 until October 15, 2004. For more information contact:

Sculpture in the Park

Curator, Ken Thompson


David Eichenberg
Toledo, Ohio
"Sentinel V"
Aluminum Alloy 6061
132" X 20" X 20"
David Deming
Cleveland, Ohio
"Pivotal Rocker III"
Steel and Brass 4' X 6' X 6' 
Cynthia McKean
Saugatuck, Michigan
Structural Steel 5' X 6'  
Mike Sohikian
Genoa, Ohio
"Homage to Matisse"
Steel 4' X 3' X 3'
Kenneth M. Thompson
Blissfield, Michigan
"Standing Arch, Aluminum, Number 3"

James Havens
Woodville, Ohio
"Yellow Butterfly"
10' X 9' X 6'
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