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In 2004, Sculpture in the Park was conceived as an "Ottawa Hills Gateway Event" by the late Ottawa Hills Mayor, Jean Youngen. The site chosen for the exhibition, the triangular park at the Indian, Bancroft and Secor Road intersection is adjacent to convenient diagonal public parking.

This exhibition is funded by the Ottawa Hills Foundation, the Village of Ottawa Hills and private donations. It is on view from mid May through mid October. More information can be found on

This Exhibit Was Installed by Midwest Sculpture Initiative. For More Information and Purchase Prices, Please Contact Midwest Sculpture Initiative Curator:
Ken Thompson, (517)486-4591

All artists in this exhibition are represented in private/public collections and exhibitions located throughout the United States. Three permanent pieces are included in this exhibition, "Yellow Butterfly" by Jim Havens, "Homage to Matisse" by Mike Sohikian, and "The Ark" by Andrei Rabodzeenko.

Sculpture has presence and can visually change with your distance and angle of viewing. Most sculpture is free standing and gives you the freedom of examining the art from different views. This exhibit represents realistic, abstract or constructionist artistic concepts.

Outdoor sculpture is strongly affected by its surroundings. As you view each piece, try to imagine how it looks in all seasons, times of the day and in varied weather. Rain, snow and ice create a different surface pattern of reflection. The sun's angle and the presence or absence of leaves changes the reflection even further. Background colors change from season to season. Our sculpture is giving you an open invitation to visit them many times.

Marian Anderson
received a B.F.A. in 1943 and chose to pursue a career in advertising art. She began creating fine arts in 1972. Marian states,"My work is intuitive. I am 85 years of age and having collected so many visuals through the years in my mind, I am able to draw upon these in my work. Continuity in my sculpture is more apparent when the medium is the same." In 2004 she participated in the Krasl Invitational Sculpture Show, St. Joseph, Michigan 

 Marian Anderson
South Haven, Michigan
"Intersecting Circles"
cement with fiberglass
4 1/2' x 5 1/2' x 7'

Tom Lingeman has been teaching sculpture, drawing and design at the University of Toledo and the Toledo Museum of Art since 1979. Mr. Lingeman states, "Witness is like an old time traveler, who, from the perspective of the quiet park, perceives our rapid "stop/start" reality as moving so rapidly it almost becomes a blur." For many years Tom’s drawings and sculpture have reflected his love of the architecture of the 19th century and American rural cemeteries. This bronze vessel echoes Mr. Lingeman’s interest in the history of American funerary monuments and how they capture a mood of peace and reverence. 

Thomas Lingeman
Perrysburg, Ohio
steel obelisk, bronze vessel
14' x 4' x 4'

An active sculptress, Cynthia McKean uses her degrees in biology and architecture to show the interaction of the natural and sculptural environment. The three "Seagulls" columns are created of painted structural steel. Ms. McKean finds working with industrial materials the best media for her art and creates site specific works in her Saugatuck, Michigan studio. More information can be found at 

Cynthia McKean
Saugatuck, Michigan
"Sea Gulls"
structural steel
3' x 10'

A visual art teacher for 30 years, Robert cherished the artistic process for its unlimited opportunities in personal growth, continual inspiration and the feeling of freedom the process offered. His education includes a degree from University of Toledo and a Master of Fine Arts from The Ohio State University. Robert has devoted his career to smaller scale sculpture and public art murals. "Wind Swept Tree with Lightning" is an example of the larger scale work he is planning for the future. 

Robert Garcia
Toledo, Ohio
"Wind Swept Tree with Lightning"
4' x 8' x 3″

Mr. Parker's sculptures have evolved out of a life long interest in nature. This interest spans the field study of insects, exotic flowers, and a fascination of dinosaurs. He states," I have combined nature with steel, in giving heavy industrial materials a living and animated presence." John has an M.F.A from the Rinehart School of Sculpture and a B.F.A from the Cleveland Institute of Art. His iron sculptural garden gates are widely known in the eastern United States and may be seen at  

John Parker
Glenside, Pennsylvania
"Hair Streak"
steel plate
9 ½' x 6 ½ ' x 6'


Ray Katz

Ray Katz uses sculpture as a metaphor for his formal and philosophical concerns. "The sculptures are a tribute to evolutionary process of life as we experience it on the human plane and in the transcendent experience inherent in life’s journey. Each sculpture is a hierarchy of elements that become symbols for these concepts by celebrating them as an event in the form of a sculpture." Mr. Katz received an M.F.A. from Wayne State University and a B.S from Eastern Michigan University. He recently was a Finalist and Award Winner in the Kajima International Sculpture Competition Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Ray Katz
Pontiac, Michigan
"Interlocking Construction"
7'11" x 5'′6" x 6'6"


Tom Rudd

Tom Rudd creates his art in an old church on the bank of the Allegheny River. His sculpture makes frequent reference to the environment, especially as it relates to the quality of water. As an arts administrator as well as a sculptor, Mr. Rudd facilitated state programs to support individual artists, directed projects for public arts and was visual arts coordinator for both the Oregon and Michigan arts commissions. More information may be found at

Tom Rudd
Emlenton, Pennsylvania
"A Gang of Fish"
styrofoam/surface bonding cement

2' x 1 1/2' x 3'
$1,000.00 each or $3,000.00 all

Mike Sohikian

An iron worker by profession, Mike Sohikian also works as an independent sculptor in his Genoa Studio. "Guerrero" has won the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo’s Best in Show award. In 2004, the Ottawa Hills Foundation purchased his sculpture "Homage to Matisse" for a permanent installation. Mr. Sohikian was recently featured in The Sculpture Reference, Illustrated.

Mike Sohikian
Genoa, Ohio
steel, stone
8' x 3'

Kenneth M. Thompson

Kenneth Thompson holds both a Master of Liberal Studies and Bachelor of Fine Arts. The monumental arch shape has been one of his major compositional themes and is prominent in dozens of his public sculptures commissioned for this region and throughout the United States. "Standing Arch" deals with Mr. Thompson's ongoing desire to make large sculpture portable while concentrating on the fundamental issue of form and the relationship between negative and positive space. He is the owner of Flatlanders Sculpture Supply and Art Galleries, in Blissfield, Michigan where his studio and foundry are also located. More information can be found at

Kenneth Thompson
Blissfield, Michigan
"Standing Arch"
cast concrete and steel
11' x 6' x 3'

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