Sculpture in the Park 2007

In 2004, Sculpture in the Park was conceived as an "Ottawa Hills Gateway Event" by the late Ottawa Hills Mayor, Jean Youngen. The site chosen for the exhibition, the triangular park at the Indian, Bancroft and Secor Road intersection, is adjacent to convenient diagonal public parking.

This exhibition is funded by the Ottawa Hills Foundation, the Village of Ottawa Hills and private donations.   More information may be found at and

Sculpture has presence and can visually change with your distance and angle of viewing.   Most sculpture is free standing and gives you the freedom of examining the art from different views.   This exhibit represents realistic, abstract or constructionist artistic concepts.

Outdoor sculpture is strongly affected by its surroundings.   As you view each piece, try to imagine how it looks in all seasons, times of the day and in varied weather.   Rain, snow and ice create a different surface pattern of reflection.   The sun's angle and the presence or absence of leaves changes the reflection even further.   Background colors change from season to season.   Our sculpture is giving you an open invitation to visit them many times.

Art in the Park Committee

Laura Baird

Peggy Grant

Cindy Niggemyer

John Barfield
Daryl Blanchard
Cindy   Bodziak
Fred Cohn
Rex Decker
Ann French
Barbara Goodman-Shovers
Cyd Gottlieb (Student Representative)
Susan Hargrove
Mike Jacobs
Pat Levey
Kristin Meyerholtz
Katerina Reudi Ray
Vickie Souder
Bill Steele
Margy Trumbull
Steve Wipfli

This Exhibit was installed by Midwest Sculpture Initiative.   For More Information and Purchase Prices, Please Contact Midwest Sculpture Initiative Curator:

Ken Thompson


All artists in this exhibition are represented in private/public collections and exhibitions located throughout the United States.   Three permanent pieces are included in this exhibition, "Yellow Butterfly" by Jim Havens, "Homage to Matisse" by Mike Sohikian, and "The Ark" by Andrei Rabodzeenko.

The Conversation
Robert R. Garcia
5' x 4' x 3'



Mantis II
John Parker
10'10"x 6'3" x 6'3
steel plate
base plate 74 " x 53"



Mythical Ursa
Marian Anderson
44" x 43" x 55"



Pescado I
Mike Sohikian
4' x 4' x 2'


Reality T.V.
Todd Kime
5' x 10'
welded steel



Steel Series #5
Michael Barker
7.5' x 6' x 2'



A Time to Mourn
John Merigian
13' x 2' x 3'
welded steel


 Western Trilogy: Wedge
Kenneth Thompson
7' x 6' x 1'


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