Sculpture on Ford Road

Canton, now Michigan's 11th largest community, has created a national level blueprint of positive change from a farming community to an urban community.

For the second year, the Canton Downtown Development Authority, in partnership with the Canton Cultural Commission's Public Art Committee, has placed sculptures along Canton's Ford Rd. These sculptures can be viewed until August, 2008. The sites are located between Westland and Canton Center road. The Canton DDA provided funding for the project and the Public Art Committee juried entries presented by the Midwest Sculpture Initiative.

This year’s exhibition contains varied and colorful pieces. More about the Canton community can be found at | |

Sculpture on Ford Road

 Surprise Kiss

Mark Chatterley, Williamston,MI.

More information about Mr. Chatterley can be found at
[ ]


Brian Ferriby,
Berkley, MI.


The Conversation-

Robert Garcia,
Toledo, Ohio

 French Curve

James Havens,
Woodville, Ohio.


Ray Katz,
Pontiac, MI.



Cynthia McKean,
Saugatuck, MI.

More information about Ms. McKean can be found at
[ ]  

Akimbo II

John Merigian
Superior Twp, MI.



John Sauve',
Brighton, MI.

Matisse in Blue

Mike Sohikian
Genoa, OH.


Dr. D’s Push Me Pull You

Dave Vande Vusse, Manistee, MI.

More information about Mr. Vande Vusse can be found at [ ]

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